Quality is the heart of who we are. Quality is distinctly present in our people, our communication and most important of all, our product. Product quality is the foundation of which we stand on; we create our product with a clear focus on three vital areas: material, performance and craftsmanship.

JET PLASFORM SYSTEM is a global leading system formwork specialist that provides the most comprehensive, adaptable and top-level system formwork in the current market. Our operations have grown substantially and have now reached international shores such as Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Vietnam and other ASEAN countries. We are constantly adapting to the ever-growing needs of our customers without compromising on delivering a quality in products and services.

Company functions at all levels of the organization are executed in accordance with our quality assurance system. Regular monitoring and reviews are conducted to ensure that our promise of quality is fulfilled as a market leader in the industry.

Throughout the entire manufacturing process, from goods received to final inspection and sign off, the system sees to our ability to consistently meet legal and regulatory requirements. It is our belief that this is what it takes to achieve operational excellence on a global level.