Jet-Prop System is a lightweight and quick-to-use, temporary support for all purposes. It is capable of withstanding a load up to 40Kn per prop. This adjustable steel prop can be used with a tripod as falsework for beam and slab construction, or used as a single leg support for re-propping applications.

The complete galvanisation of all surfaces guarantees maximum durability for long service.

Jet-Prop Standard

P-Beam 150

The Jet-Prop P-Beam 150 is a galvanised high strength steel beam designed as a structural member to support plywood in both wall and slab concrete-forming applications. This construction beam provides maximum strength, durability and versatility with minimum weight and one-third the cost of aluminium beams. The economic Jet-Prop P-Beam 150 can be used with Jet Plasform Panels or plywood. All you have to do is to nail through the P-Beam 150 with a hammer.

A-Beam 100 & A-Beam 150

The new generation of the Jet-Prop A-Beam 100 and A-Beam 150 are widely used as secondary slab support. Its trapezoid shape provides stability over other competitors’ construction beams. Similarly, the Jet-Prop A-Beam 100 and A-Beam 150 can be used with plywood, requiring only one nail or screw connection.

A-Beam 100 A-Beam 150
Allowable Bending

2.8 kNm

 5.4 kNM
 Allowable Shear 13.8 Kn 22.0kN
Allowable Reaction 16.7 kN 20.0 kN
Flexibility Rigidity, EL

120 kNm2

415 kNm2


3.4 kg/m

5.7 kg/m