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Prop & Shoring

High-capacity, heavy-duty shoring.
Jet-Shor is a high capacity, heavy-duty modular shoring system. The robust, galvanised design is made of high strength steel and is available in 3 types of load-carrying capacity: 40 kN, 60 kN and 80 kN per leg.

High load-carrying capacity. Reduces equipment requirements, labour cost, foundation preparation, and primary soft lift bearers.

Versatile. Jet Shor systems can be configured to suit any structure shoring need and are compatible with a wide range of other shoring systems and primary soft lift bearers.

Easy to assemble. Rapid wedge-connection detail enables installation productivity of up to 25m3 per man hour.

Ultra-durable. Galvanised finish eliminates corrosion, minimizes maintenance, ensures durability, and lengthens the lifespan of the system.

Flexible. Jet-Shor can be set up as tableforms for slab support on multi-storey constructions, thanks to a wide range of accessories.

Table Forms
Speed up work significantly with JET table forms. They can be dismantled and reassembled to suit the design and specifications of any concrete structure.

Climbing Forms
Climbing forms speed up work, save time, and improve safety during the construction of tall structures.

Scaffold & Support Systems
Designed for job site safety and speedy assembly, All parts are manufactured according to Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) and Malaysian Standards (MS).

Compatible aluminium beam & shoring equipment with Plasform panel.

Mk II soldiers

Versatile – capable of supporting walls, slabs, or columns.

Load capacity up to 100kN, concrete pressure up to 80kN/m2.

Cost effective and adaptable. Allows vertical, horizontal, or inclined connection, e.g. facade retention.

Product descriptionHeavy duty steel beams
Beam lengths (cm)
Corner column lengths (cm)
Component rangeFull range of connectors, jacks, and base/head plates
Beam weightStandard beam = 20.8 kg/m
Corrosion protectionGalvanized or painted finish
Compatible walingDU-AL aluminum beams / timber beams
Compatible slab supportCUPLOK. GASS. Scaffolding
Application rangeWall formwork. Slab support. Bridge deck support.
Heavy-duty shoring. Facade retention.
Special features
  1. Load capacity up to 100kN.
  2. Highly flexible with wide range of beam lengths and connectors for all types of heavy duty shoring and formwork support.
  3. Heavy-duty design for exceptional strength and rigidity


Quick and accurate slot-in fixing at top of frames – positioning into pockets on legs

Unique rotating wedge connector for high rigidity and visible locking at base.

Frames can be placed up to 2.5m above slab level without the need of ladders.

Product descriptionFlexible Aluminium Shoring System
Vertical post lengths (cm)
Outer leg110140190220330440
Inner leg107167    
Frame widths (cm)
(all 60 cm high)
Guardrail lengths
Frame connectionsRotating wedge connects ledger frame to outer leg slot
Vertical extensionOuter legs joined end to end using spigot and R-clips
Decking typesAccess platforms 1.5 kN/m2 SWL
Compatible slab formworks Mk II Soldiers . Du-Al aluminium beams. H 20 timber beams
TOPEC modular slab formwork system.
Application rangeBridgedecks. Floor slabs. High-level beams. Tunnels. Dead shoring . Table forms
Special features
  1. Unique rotating wedge fixing for strength and safety.
  2. Wide range of accessories for system flexibility.
  3. Frames in five sizes for variable grid size.
  4. Frames slot into pockets on legs for quick positioning.
  5. Only three main components in lightweight aluminum design for ease of use.
  6. High load capacity of up to 110 kN.

DU-AL Aluminum Beams

Fast and simple installation reduces labor related costs

Highly durable, long service life, good return on investment.

Compatible with a variety of systems.

Product descriptionAluminium waling beams
AdvantagesLighter than timber; allows for fast and larger assemblies of formwork.
Three different types of beams, each with varying application properties.
Overall dimensions (cm)T225: 10.0 x 22.5.
T150: 8.0 x 15.0
S150: 7.5 x 15.0
Weight (kg/m)T225: 8.92.
T150: 5.43.
S150: 3.24.
Standard lengthsT225: 100. 180. 240. 300. 360. 420. 480. 540. 600. 720. 750. 900. 1000.
T150: 100. 120. 130. 160. 180. 250. 360. 390. 420. 480. 500. 540. 600. 640. 720.
S150: 100. 120. 180. 270. 360. 420. 510. 640. 720.
Moment of resistanceT225: 29.25 kNm
T150: 13.00 kNm
S150: 6.80 kNm
Standard connection T-Boltclamp (to forkhead). Universal clamp.
ApplicationT225:Primary waling beam.
T150: Primary/secondary waling beam
S150: Secondary waling beam

Alumalite Truss Table Form

A unique beam-side hinge mechanism allows easy stripping of beams built into tables.

Parameter beams incorporated into tables.

A wide variety of truss-handling equipment makes it easy to strip and maneuver the table for easy flying.

Product descriptionHigh-capacity aluminum frame shoring system
MaterialAluminium 6061 T6
Max allowable udl W = 38.9kN/m
Standard truss lengths (m)7.32. 4.88. 3.66. 2.44. 1.22.
Structural operating rangeSuitable for flat slabs, and beam and slab structures.
Both top and bottom extensions are available.
Unit weightDepends on structural requirements.
ManipulationFlown by crane or manoeuvred horizontally on the slab by using glides or rollers.
Relevant norms CSA CA-OSHA ANSI.
Special features
  1. Patented double-hollow extruded legs allow for height adjustment at the top or at the bottom of the truss.
  2. Typical table weighs only 40-50 kg/m2.
  3. Outer leg and extension staffs.
  4. Beam-sde hinge forming.
  5. Modular design simplifies assembly.
  6. Attachments - swivel roller, single low glide, standard glide, truss lowering device, landing dolly, nylon sling.

Aluma Frames

Made from AL 6061-T6, the Aluma Frame is very durable and weather resistant.

Wider frames reduce the number of shoring frames needed

More than 50% stronger than a 20 kip (10 kip/leg) steel frame

Product descriptionHigh-capacity aluminum frame shoring system
AdvantagesThe Aluma Frame System confirms to all forming regulations, including CSA, CAL-OSHA and ANSI Allows the use of screwjacks at the top and bottom of the table forms
MaterialAluminum extrusion alloy 6061 T6
Frame capacity 18 kips per leg (80 kN)
Frame sizes and weights
WidthHeight (m)Weight (kg)
Production rates
WidthHeight (m)Weight (kg)
Special features
  1. High strength aluminum extrusion alloy provides rigidity.
  2. Applicable as rolling tables and flying tables.
  3. Can be used with Aluma Deck.
  4. Frame legs can be used as Post Shores.
  5. Transport dollies for horizontal movement.
  6. C-Caddy for Flying Aluma Frame tables.
  7. Light-weight/high-strength ratio.
  8. One frame with 1m screwjack can reach shoring height of 16