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I have found that many contractors do not have sufficient knowledge about the advantages of reusable plastic formwork. Without the knowledge of the advantages of reusable concrete form, the Contractor’s profits and time shall go to waste in this highly competitive market.

You will Save More Money!

You can purchase the Plasform Panel once, and reuse them over 200 times. This means you won’t have to spend more money unnecessarily. With Phenolic Plywood, you will have to keep placing orders for new Phenolic Plywood. Wood forms can only be reused up to a maximum of 3 times. In other words, the reusable plastic formwork will save you money and time in the long term.

You will Ease Up Your Work on Maintaining Formwork

Plywood will absorb moisture, leading to rot and splinter. You’ll also need to scrap wood on every use to remove any concrete build-up. This cleaning process often eats into valuable working time, and so does transport and disposing of used-up lumber.

While plywood is made of plies of timber sheet, Plasform Panel get rids of all these problems as it is made of a durable material called Polypropylene (PP). You can always clean your poly with a pressurized washer or recycle it with other plastics in case you want to dispose of it.

You will Reduce your Construction Time by 50%

Plasform Panel are 50% lighter compared to timber formwork. Wood gains weight over time by absorbing concrete and moisture, unlike Plasform Panel. More weight translates to more working time.

Plasform Panel is less cumbersome to handle and transport. Despite being available in different sizes, reusable green formwork is lighter than timber formwork and easier to work with. It’s much faster to set up Plasform System, hence massively decreasing the time it takes your crew to assemble the formwork.

You will Achieve High-Quality Structure Finishing

Stripping plastic forms takes half the time it takes to strip timber building concrete forms. You simply loosen the wedge and lift your plastic forms. Since there is no adhesion of the concrete to plastic material, it is much faster to remove the stakes and do the finishing.

The process of stripping wood and doing finishing operations is burdensome as concrete adheres to timber. Plastic forms provide smooth, clean, perfect finishing and require minor touch up compared to plywood that requires heavy plastering and hacking.

You will Make the World Greener.

Other construction formwork materials such as wood, steel, aluminum produce various disadvantages which might outweigh their benefits. For example, the application of wood is considerably costly and creates substantial environmental impacts due to deforestation. On contrary, plastic forms can be recycled and it is environmentally friendly in addition to reducing handling time and great reusability index.

Reusable Plastic Formwork & Phenolic Plywood Shuttering Panel Are Different

Most of people want to use formwork type that would save their expenses with better efficiency. In that case, plastic formwork or reusable formwork can be a great option for you due to their strength and toughness. Plasform Panel can be reused around 200 times with proper care and maintenance, achieving a reusable rate than plywood formwork 3 to 5 times reusability. This will bring down the overall cost of your construction.

Plastic formwork is easy to form a structure such as column, wall, slab, or foundation at the location that is wet as it is waterproof. Reusable plastic formwork is way more durable than plywood and can be easily stored after use.

PP formwork doesn’t need mould oil or any release agent to ease dismantling formwork when striking. They lessen the working time and enhance proficiency.

Plasfrom Panel are made through injection moulding to the various standard sizes of panels. The construction workers just need to join the panel and unnecessarily cut or nail at the site. The panel has a precise dimension, unlike plywood that was cut to size by workers at the site. This can ensure the structure size to be formed will be accurate.


This is why all contractors should understand the benefits and advantages of reusable formwork. This is the key to be successful in this competitive construction market.

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