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Compatible with lumber, aluminum, or steel support systems

Plasform has a complete line up of accessories, ties, connectors, and tools to make the panels work with your current framing and support systems. If you don’t have any, Plasform can provide full steel systems with all the necessary accessories.

Superior finishes – no need for plastering

The non-stick surface guarantees ultra-smooth finishes that don’t require plastering – one more way that Plasform reduces your costs. A skim coat or paint finishing is all you need.

Minimal joint lines between panels.

The sharper corners and edges of the panels create tighter, more seamless joints between panels and reduce the amount of grinding compared to previously available systems.

Ultra durable

Plasform DIY panels are made of reusable, patented, polypropylene composite material with high impact resistance. You can get up to 200 uses with proper handling and maintenance.

Light weight

Plasform panels weigh a lot lighter than steel formwork panels. It’s less tiring to carry for workers which improves concentration on the job and reduces accidents.

Short learning curve

It truly is DIY – do it yourself. Unskilled laborers can easily learn the system.

Easy door & window block-outs

Plasform is designed for easy installation of door and window block-outs.


Anti-slip surfaces improve worker safety.

Easy MEP installation

Installing mechanical, electrical and plumbing is easy – simply nail the pipes to the panels.


UV-protected. Resists extreme heat. Unlike plywood, it won’t warp or expand when exposed to heavy rain.


A special groove along the edges allows for a tight fit between panels. It’s also a self-draining channel that
keeps the panel surface clean and reduces cleaning to a minimum.

Buy back option

To help you manage inventory and cash flow, Jet offers you a buy back option. Jet Plasform will buy back your used panels at previously agreed upon rates.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

A water jet or a roller brush and mould oil are all you need to strip, clean, and maintain Plasform panels.
NOTE: Hose down panels or clear them with a plastic brush in between castings to remove excess laitance.

For special quality finishes (F3 and above), you may need a form release agent.