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Panel Sizes / Tech Info

Plasform panel sizes

V3 panel – recommended for floor slabs, beams, and tables.

1. Screw-hole grid
Makes it easy to affix framing systems and clamps.

2. Preset rib holes
Allow faster installation of J-bolts to connect the panel and backing support

New V4 panel – recommended for columns and walls.

Mechanical Properties

Material properties
Elongation at yield10%
Softening temperature up to≥ 150°c
Rockwell hardness82 R Scale
Water absorption0.02%
Design data
Allowable bending *0.45kNm/m
Allowable shear *13.6kN/m
Flexural rigidity, EI2.10kNm2/m
Allowable bearing load on panel *500kN/m2
Allowable shear on pin *0.68kN
* Factor of Safety (FoS) = 2.5

Wall Design Data

Soffit Design Data